Hi, I'm Rachel.

La Botella is closed for the foreseeable future. We are focusing on inward reflection during this time. Feel free to reach out with inquiries. 

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In 2014 I discovered the joy of working with used wine bottles. They host a variety of colors, textures, thicknesses, and sounds. Over the years I have refined my craft and now make a variety of home decor items including soy candles, planters, drinking glasses and more! In addition to making I enjoy helping others learn the joy of candlemaking. Check my schedule to sign up or contact me to host a private class.

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The name for La Botella came from my love of the Spanish language and repurposing. La Botella is Spanish for the bottle. I see the original bottles that I use to create and my final pieces as different outcomes from the same source. 

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I draw my inspiration from the natural world, the inherent beauty she provides each day and my desire to protect her.