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Candle Refill Program

La Botella is born from a desire for a more sustainable world. If you love your candle to the end and would like to refill it for the same or a different scent give me a shout!

There are two refill options listed below and for refilling you will receive 40% off your refill purchase. All you have to do is check out via this website with the size of bottle that you have or want and select the type of refill at purchase. After that, I will reach out to you to get the process started. If you are unsure about the size feel free to contact me and please be sure to specify your scent choice with your order. Shipping can also be waived during checkout.

Refill Options:



If you are really attached to the bottle your candle originally came in, we can meet up or do a drop off for your empty vessel and I will refill it for you with whatever scent you choose. Once your new candle is complete we can schedule another meetup/drop off to get your new candle to you. Typical turn around will be about a week once I receive the empty bottle. 




If you aren't attached to that bottle I will make a new candle for you in whatever size and color bottle you choose (I can likely match the one you have) and your choice of scent and we can meet up to exchange your empty bottle for the freshly made one.