Design Update

Welcome to our revamped look! In 2019 I decided to make some major updates to the brand and I want to share my experience working with these local artist entrepreneurs. Each of them work with a different medium but we have all come together to create something that I am proud to present as my brand's new look!

The Before...

In the short amount of time I have been running this 'side hustle' I have made so many small changes to the look and feel of my pieces. The iteration before the new update was better than some of my previous ones but I was printing them at home which meant they were always a little off. They were simple and I could print them on kraft or clear stickers. Printing at home meant I could easily change up the design without much hassle and I liked the flexibility but the quality suffered big time.


Luckily I had a logo created a while back by Evan of Evan McIntyre Illustration. It fits exactly what I needed and was easy to carry over into the new designs. Something simple that helped to visualize the origin of the pieces as 'the bottle' since it's not always that obvious to people that everything is made from what was once a glass bottle. Evan was easy to work with and gave me several enticing options to choose from before we settled on the final design.

La botella logo design by Evan McIntyre


Next was to work on new label designs. I worked with Amy Maxwell of Maxwell Design. Amy and I worked together at my day job before she went out on her own as Maxwell Design. Amy created four new 'seasons' of designs for my labels, she also created hang tags and candle toppers to help keep lint out of candles and allow me to provide more details on the packaging. Amy captured the direction I wanted to go in perfectly and I am so thrilled with how well the new labels came out.


Next was something that has been on my wish list for ages, a sign! My wooden sign was made by Danielle Woods of Elle Woods Co. I have been admiring Danielle's work for quite a while and already have a few of her geometric rounds. When she had an opening for more custom work I jumped in and came out with this gorgeous sign to use for photo shoots, pop up markets and more!

Photo shoot

Once all the pieces were in place it was time to document the new look so I could update my website, social media and applications to different popup markets and retailers. I decided to work with Jordan of Jordan Zemonek Photography. Jordan and I met when we started volunteering at Corral Riding Academy a few years back. Jordan has such a laid back personality and is easy to work with. It's hard to believe this was her first product shoot, and I'm sure it won't be her last. She even squeezed in a few of me and my pups as the sun went down.

I am so pleased the work of these wonderful humans and would like to recommend them to anyone looking for help in any of these areas. Like the new look? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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